Welcome to the Cambridge Doctorate Station (Cambridge DOCking Station). Find out about our great events to recharge your batteries and plug into our university-wide network. This initiative is funded by the Economic and Social Research Council and Cambridge Language Sciences for Cambridge graduate students. We run interdisciplinary workshops and events for students to network and improve their research skills. Find out more about our events.

Testimonials for DOCking Station

Pathways to Impact Workshop

“This was a really helpful event, and addressed a number of issues that I’d been thinking about, but didn’t know who to approach with. Thank you to the organisers for this – it’s left me feeling super motivated!”

“Great event. Very useful both regarding research, but mainly to give ideas beyond (including job opportunities).”

“Thank you for organising this valuable event about such an important topic. It was particularly helpful to hear from Ben [Earley from the Centre for Science and Technology] and Nicola [Buckley, Head of Public Engagement] about the various opportunities to gain support in Cambridge with our quest for impact!”

“Great event […] really really good (useful and nice atmosphere).”

Interdisciplinary Research Workshop

“I have attended many useful workshops this year; however, this one was my favourite. The workshop was extremely well organized and I found the information useful and informative. I would cheerfully attend other workshops presented by the same organizers.”

“Excellent workshop! […] It was an excellent exercise in putting together a research proposal. I found it surprising at first that there was no common research interest at the centre of the event, but in the end, that actually provided perhaps a better exercise in working across disciplines. […] Thank you for the excellent organisation!”

“I found forging research questions with other academics from outside of my discipline meant thinking in meta-cognitive ways about research and what it’s purpose and meaning might be. Very valuable.”

“I found this to be a really fun workshop that really got me thinking. […] A great event, I will definitely sign up if there is another one!”

 ‘5 things I wish I’d known last year’: A Networking & Mentoring Event

“Very useful all around, glad I went!”

“Just great. More like this please!”



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